Why Be a Teacher


Why be a teacher?


Get ready for a career that offers rock-solid job security, great prospects for employment and self-improvement, and high job satisfaction.

Teaching is no ordinary 9-to-5 job. In fact, it’s not a job. It’s a calling. And no work day is like another. Every day is a fresh chance to inspire, enlighten and grow.

You are guaranteed 13 weeks of holiday a year, other great benefits, the chance to put your knowledge,

experience and creativity to work and touch the lives of students who will carry what they learn from and about you all through their lives.

And while you should never get into teaching to get rich, the rewards are intangible, and the pay levels are highly competitive and stack up against many jobs in industry and the public service anywhere in Belize. The pay and benefits are better than you think.

Real-life stories

One good teacher is worth a thousand futures

Make a difference in young peoples’ lives…forever

In a fast-paced world driven by technology, teachers have become more important than ever to helping students acquire new skills, solve fresh problems and dream new ideas. Technology can help but never replace teachers – people helping young people be the best they can be.

Think about the teacher – or teachers – in your life who motivated you, opened your mind and heart, and gave you not just instruction but life lessons.

Wouldn’t you want to be that next great influence in a child’s life?

Financial aid for training teachers

While you train you can take advantage of scholarships, lower tuition fees and other assistance, depending on what level you plan to teach and what subject.

Teaching is one of the few jobs where you can earn a living as a teacher while learning on the job through Certificate and Diploma in Education (CertEd and DipEd) courses.

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Follow the stories of real teachers who’ve made their mark by touching the lives of their pupils and students. Hear how they were inspired by the teachers in their lives.

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